Some items are clipped on model(s) to show appropriate fit. If item has been clipped it will be noted in description. All items are measured and given a modern sizing grade by us. Please check sizing info to ascertain proper fit to your own body



Vintage shoes are especially fragile, but also very rare and unique from modern shoes. However, this is why they are susceptible to wear and tear. We cannot guarantee that any shoe purchased from our store will last forever. When we ship shoes out they are intact in condition. We try to clearly state any issues in the description. If you wear your shoes and they become damaged we cannot be held liable for this damage. Shoes are shipped intact. We recommend wearing your vintage shoes very gently, possibly only for editorial work, think of it as a museum item. These shoes are over 20+ years old and it can be very unpredictable as to how the polyfoam or glues will react or age. Our personal collection of vintage shoes often require maintenance and repair through professional cobblers to keep their longevity. PLEASE take this into consideration when making your vintage shoe purchases. 


Vintage clothing means older, previously handled, washed, cared for, and played in/with. Please remember that your item(s) are reincarnated into their new lives with you, but often bear the scars and wear of their previous years. Although we may sometimes miss things, we try very hard to list any imperfections that the item may have.  Eras for items given are approximations and are not absolute. We make determinations based on fit, fabric, condition, and style of item and therefore the dates we assign are only estimations at how old the item actually may be.